Learn how I started working with a game company!

In January 2017, I was approached by a small start-up game company, Rusted Ogre Games. The purpose was to commission a piece of artwork for the cover of a game they were working on. They found my information through a mutual acquaintance, and contacted me after viewing my art on my site. I talked with the company regarding the design direction they envisioned, and began work on what was to be the cover. 

Long story short, they loved it and brought me on board to create the cards for a couple of the races. I loved the work, and the game sounded amazing. Soon enough, they bumped me up to complete the entire deck, and my position as Art Director was created.  Over the course of 6 months, I designed and created over 100 cards for the starter deck of the game "Dark Masts: A Dead Seas Card Game." 

While finishing the artwork for the game, it was successfully funded on Kickstarter. 

I maintained a working schedule that had me working most evenings after my kids went to bed and heavily on the weekends. There were moments of self doubt that come with every project, but -as an artist- you learn to just push on through and keep working on your art. At the end, I'm surprised at the amount of illustrations I was able to complete in that short of time. 

The game was just sent to the printer and will be on the shelves this spring. It will be very exciting to see the completed deck of cards and play with them. Seeing your art on something (especially something that people will have their hands on constantly) is a very impressive thing. 

Currently, we are working on a game set in the same game universe. It's a racing dice drafting game that takes place on the deck of a ship .  The art for it is currently being made and I will post links soon!

This summer Rusted Ogre Games will be attending a number of conventions, including Origins in Columbus. I will have my art for sale in their booth. 

Logo for Rusted Ogre Games. (I did the ogre sign)

Logo for Rusted Ogre Games. (I did the ogre sign)