"Arrival" 20 years after "Farewell"

I painted the painting below in 1998, during a time when I was ready for adventure. It was a point in my life when the open road and a life full of experience called to me. I wanted to fly and be free and to leave behind the warmth of home and a golden world of childhood behind me. 


"Farewell" 1998 acrylic on canvas 18x24

"Farewell" 1998 acrylic on canvas 18x24

I was a young artist and a young man. At the time, it was a masterpiece for me. There's actually a golden city I managed to paint in the far background (my camera is horrible, I apologize)...

Time passes, and the painting passed from my hands and back, and a couple of years ago I hung it in my garage studio to inspire me to keep moving on the path I began to follow all those years ago. 

So... below is my current version of the story contained in the painting above. The character had many adventures. You'll see the wings remain, etched into the armor he picked up along his journeys. There are a lot of other details that let the viewer know he's been on a long journey. It's entitled "Arrival"...


"Arrival" 2018 digital