Book Review: How to Sell Your Art Online by Cory Huff

I was on a date night with my wife at Barnes & Noble one evening in early January, when I came across this little yellow and white book, "How to Sell Your Art Online" by Cory Huff. I flipped through, did the whole: "I'll do a quick scan to make sure this book has some juicy bits I don't know about, or is it just full of shit that doesn't actually apply." 

Happily, there are LARGE portions in this book that address major areas that I lack in. So I bought it, and digested it within a day. I highlighted specific areas that dealt with my struggle-attempting to get the business part of my career growing. Right now, I'm focusing on building my mailing list and finding my niche/ideal collectors. This book can be viewed as a sort of "road map/cookbook". I find myself flipping here and there between bookmarks as I work , referencing a hint or tip, and then integrating my research into my evenings that I've scheduled as "art business" nights...

(I know, it all sounds weird- especially to anyone that really knows me. I am NOT a person you'd point to as a bastion of business savvy. Because I'm totally NOT. But I suppose that's the point, I'm growing as an artist and human. I am realizing what I actually need from my art and what role my art needs to take in my life. So, I need to focus on the business side of it. I'm not saying I'll be signing up for a MBA or anything. Books like this help me focus on certain aspects that are lacking. I'll pick up the pieces as I grow.)


Read it.

I could go on at length at how helpful and concise all the chapters were (there's chapters dealing with finding your niche, social media, building websites and mailing lists, and tons more) but I feel like you should do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of this book. It's available on Cory Huff's site

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