Microsoft Hololens and the art room.

Microsoft will be releasing Windows 10 soon (date to be announced, already available via the Windows Insider program).

Coinciding with the new software release, a new way of computing will be tested. A visor-like computing system "Hololens" will hit the shelves (date to be announced) and create a new way of program interaction. 

Images (holographs) are overlaid what the viewer sees and they are able to interact with the computer via simple hand gestures in an intuitive fashion. 

This feature opens a unique way of working with 3D models, one that would be ideal for a middle or highschool art teacher. A room equipped with this technology would be a virtual 3D art studio. The ability to have a completed 3D model printed  with 3D printing technology makes this way of working not only unique; but sets the idea of 3D printing and designing in the students minds as an actuality that can be further explored in a real-world environment.  (CAD, Spacex 3D printed engine, etc).