20 years ago.

Between 1996-1999 I was an adolescent artist creating work that contained all the angst one goes through during that stage in life.  During a momentary lapse in judgement, I went through a short "Purge" period wherein I gave away and/or destroyed a large portion of what I had created to that point. (Note to young artists: Don't do this.) 

Regardless, these are images that have found their way back to me. The quality is horrendous, I know. (Another note to young artists: Learn how to photograph your work, NOW!) But, this serves as a window on the past and where I was as a young human artist during the late 1990's. 


A New Year, a New Focus.

This year I will be more active, engaged, and focused on my professional art career. 

By the end of 2017:

      I will have a book available for purchase. (The subject of which will be covered in a subsequent blog post)

      I will be involved with/in conventions, art shows, or a solo art show. Exposure. 

      I will attend more art openings, and be involved more closely with my art community. 

By focusing on my art work, and my involvement with its' growth, I hope to grow as an artist and human.

Also, I am stealing a motto by Jake Parker for the year: "Finished, Not Perfect"


1st entry on the new site.

It's my first blog entry on my "new" site. In the previous incarnation, this domain served as my online gallery, an "on again/off again" e-commerce site for my art work, and a linking portal to my various blogs. 

I let the previous site expire and felt it was a good time for a bit of "re-branding". I think this new version will serve as a better platform for my needs and provide one, central hub to all my avenues and explorations in the world of art.